"Curious George Flies a Kite"
Season 1, Episode 1a
Curious George Flies a Kite (cover)
Air date September 4, 2006
Written by Joe Fallon
Directed by Scott Hemming
Storyboard artist Phil Weinstein
"From Scratch"
"Curious George Flies a Kite" is a Curious George episode from season 1. In this episode, one gusty morning at the country house leads George to experiment with aerodynamics. In the wind, birds soar, ping-pong balls roll, and bricks don't move at all. But the best thing of all for a windy day is a kite. George, with the not-so-willing assistance of Jumpy Squirrel, discovers the wonders and the perils of kite flying.



The episode begins when George wakes up in his country house to the sound of wind. He starts wondering what can fly and what can't. He walks downstairs feeling the breeze. He tests a few things including bricks, papers from his cabinet. The brick doesn't fly but everything else does. Then, eventually, he notices Bill is flying a kite and wants to investigate. Bill is reluctant to give it to him at first and has to do something quickly leaving the kite with George. While he's gone, the wind gets stronger. George starts flying it but then, the wind lifts the kite and George high into the air! The kite starts heading to the Renkins farm. Ms. Renkins is on her horse and tries to reach the kite and let's George go on top of her hat. He tries to reach it. He manages to grab it but let's go. It flies away to the top of the barn. George climbs up there to get it. He ties the kite to his wrist but then he couldn't hold the kite onto the ground. The kite lifts him into the air. They head towards a tree that Jumpy Squirrel resides in and crashes. Jumpy notices and curious about the kite. He jumps on curious about it and wants to have a better look. But then the kite flies away again lifting George and Jumpy with it. They fly to areas they've never seen before. Bill notices his kite is gone as well. He then looks into the sky and thinks he sees George flying on a runaway kite. He then asks the Man with the Yellow Hat if he owns binoculars. The Man does and looks into them into the sky and notices that George is flying on a kite away in the air with a squirrel on his back. He tells Bill to call the fire apartment. Bill asks him what he's gonna do. The Man says he's going up there after him. George and Jumpy flew so high away. They flew onto past some clouds and it felt great to them. Then they notice the Man with the Yellow Hand Glider. The Man flies towards them and tries to grab them but misses. The kite and George and Jumpy fly in a loop up and down with the Man close behind. The Man manages to grab them finally and they head home. At George's house, Bill and George fly their kites on the ground. George now has a smaller kite so it's easier. The Man makes and grills some lunch and gives some acorns to Jumpy. The episode ends with Bill looking worried and they pull their kites down to the ground and the episode ends.


Before "From Scratch," Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle.
Run time: 11:58
  • It's the first episode of the series.
  • 3 of the main characters debut in it.